Create, Edit and Delete Labels for Tasks.

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When you create a project, it will have numerous tasks and functions. Trying to manage these without a mechanism for clear specification can be hard. To manage this, you can organize your tasks by creating labels.

Creating, Editing or Deleting a label.

  1. Sign into your MyMahotsav account ( You'll be redirected to your member dashboard. 
  2. Access your groups (Groups for who you are a member or creator of) by:
    • Option 1: Click on Social Groups on the member dashboard.  
    • Option 2: Select Social > Groups from the Navigation pane and then click on My Groups.                                                                         
    • Option 3: Select Groups > My Groups from the profile dropdown menu.  
  3. Click on the group name of the group you want. 
  4. On the redirected page, click on Projects. 
  5. Click on the project name of the project you want. 
  6.  Click on More > Settings. 
  7. Click on Label. 
  8. Enter the label name and description. To choose a colour for the label, click on Select Colour and then choose the colour you want to add or create a custom colour. Once done, click on Create label. 
  9. The label will now be created. 
  10. Click on Edit to change details of the label. 
  11.  Once done editing, click on Update. 
  12. Click on Delete to delete the label. 
  13. To confirm label deletion, click "OK" in the pop-up dialog box.

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