Track and manage your projects tasks with the Kanban Board.

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A Kanban board is a visual tool used for managing work and tasks, commonly associated with the Kanban method. It consists of columns representing different stages of work, such as "To-Do," "In Progress," and "Done." Tasks or work items are represented as cards that move through the columns as they progress, allowing for visual tracking and management of work in a clear and organized manner. You can also add other stages if you want.


Accessing your Kanban Board

  1. Sign into your MyMahotsav account ( You'll be redirected to your member dashboard. 
  2. Access your groups (Groups for who you are a member or creator of) by:
    • Option 1: Click on Social Groups on the member dashboard.  
    • Option 2: Select Social > Groups from the Navigation pane and then click on My Groups.                                                                         
    • Option 3: Select Groups > My Groups from the profile dropdown menu.  
  3. Click on the group name of the group you want. 
  4. On the redirected page, click on Projects. 
  5. Click on Project's name and then click on Kanban Board.   
  6.  Here you can see the Kanban Board.

Creating a new task and adding it to a section on the Kanban Board.

  1. Click on Add New Task under the section you want. 
  2. You have to enter four details: Task name, Lists, Assign user and Due Date. 
  3. Enter the Task name in the text field 'Add New Task'. 
  4. Click on Lists to choose from the dropdown menu which list you want to add the task to. 
  5. If you click on Assign user, you can choose the member you want to assign the task to. 
  6. You can select multiple users by just clicking the members you want. 
  7. Click on Due Date and choose the date you want. 
  8. Once done, click on Add. 
  9. Once you click on Add, the task will be added on the Kanban Board.

Adding an existing task in a section of the Kanban Board

Method 1

  1. Click on the plus sign near the section you want to add the task to.
  2. Enter the task name to search for the task. Click on the task you want to add. 
  3. Once you do the task will be added to the Kanban Board.

Method 2

  1. Near the section you want to add the task to, click on the Three dots > Import Task. 
  2. Select a task list from the dropdown menu. 
  3. All the tasks in the task list will be shown. You can further filter it based on the task status. 
  4. You can individually select tasks to import or if you want all the tasks to be moved to this section on the Kanban board, click on the check box near Select all. 
  5. Once you've selected the task, click on Import Tasks.

Editing and Deleting the tasks from the Kanban Board

  1. To delete a task from the board, just click on the minus icon under the task name. 
  2. Click on OK on the pop-up to complete the deletion action. 
  3. To edit a task from the board, click on the speech bubble icon. 
  4. From here you can edit or add the details for the task.

Adding a new section to the Kanban Board

  1. Click on Add new section. 
  2. Enter the title you want to give the new section and press the enter key.

Deleting a section on the Kanban Board

  1. Near the section you want to delete, click on the Three dots > Delete. 

  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking on OK on the resulting pop-up.

Setting a background color for the section title

  1. Near the section whose title's background you want to change, click on the Three dots > Background Color. 
  2. Select the color you want or you can customize the color using the palette. Once done, click on Apply. 

  3. After clicking "Apply," the selected color will appear as the background of the title.


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