How to create coupons on MyMahotsav?

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On MyMahotsav, as an approved vendor you can sell your products on our marketplace. Vendors have the option of creating 'Coupons'. This provides vendors with an effective way to attract customers, boost sales, and cultivate customer loyalty by offering enticing discounts and incentives.

To create coupons on MyMahotsav:

  1. Sign into your MyMahotsav account (

  2. Access your vendor dashboard from: 
    • Option 1: The profile dropdown menu, select My Marketplace Vendor Dashboard.  

    • Option 2: Left hand side of the page, hover over the list scroll down, click on the arrow near My Marketplace and then click on Vendor Dashboard 

    • Option 3: On the member dashboard's 3rd row, click on Vendor Dashboard. 

  3. On the vendor dashboard, click on Coupons. 

  4. Click on Add Coupons. 

  5. Enter the coupon title and description. Choose the type of discount from the drop-down menu. 
  6. Enter the Usage limit, usage limit per user and expiry date. If you want this coupon to exclude product which are on sale, click on the check box near Exclude Sale Items. Choose to limit the coupon to certain emails by entering the email address in the Email Restrictions field. Insert an email then only customers with that email would be able to use the coupon.
  7. Enter the minimum amount to be purchased so that the coupon can be used. If you want to make this coupon for a specific product, enter the product name in Product field and press on enter key. If you want it for all product, click on Select All. 
  8. Check on the box near 'Apply for New products' if you want to automatically apply the coupons to any new products you add.  
  9.  If you want to exclude certain products, enter the product name in the field near 'Exclude products' and press enter. If you want the coupon to appear on your store page, check the box near 'Show on Store'. 
  10. Once done click on Create Coupon.

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