How to buy tickets for an event ?

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Being a MyMahotsav member grants you exclusive access to a diverse range of events featured on our platform. From cultural festivals to entertainment extravaganzas, our extensive selection of tickets caters to your varied interests and ensures you have a seamless booking experience.

To buy tickets for an event:

  1. Sign into your MyMahotsav account (
  2. From the navigation pane, select Events > Search Global Events.                                               
  3. Click on the event name to open up the event's page.         
  4. Scroll down to the tickets section. You can see all the dates you can purchase tickets for. Choose how many tickets you want to purchase. On MyMahotsav, there are events which have been imported to the site and also events which have been posted through MyMahotsav. The checkout or Register will look as follows:
    • For a single-date, free event like this, you'll find the 'Register' button. Choose the number of tickets, click on 'Register', provide your contact details, and click 'Register' again to confirm your registration.  
    • If it's an imported paid event, choose the number of tickets you want and click on Check Out. 
    • If the imported event has multiple days for which you can purchase tickets, click on Tickets near the date you want to purchase the ticket for. Based on whether it is a free event or paid event, either the 'Register' button or 'Check Out' button will appear. 
    • If it's an event created on MyMahotsav, select the number of tickets you want and click on Get Tickets. 
  5. Once you choose the number of tickets, you need to check out. Note: Even if the ticket is free, you are still required to check out.
    • If it's an event on MyMahotsav you'll be taken to the check-out page to purchase the tickets. Enter the billing details. Read the terms and conditions and check the box. Once done, click on Place Order. 
    • If it an event imported to MyMahotsav, you will have to enter the details and choose a payment method and pay for the tickets.  
  6. You will receive a mail with a copy of the tickets in PDF format on your registered mail ID.

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