Where do I view all the orders I received and work on them?

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As a vendor, maintaining meticulous order records is essential for efficient delivery planning. By keeping track of the orders you receive, you can ensure timely and accurate deliveries, fostering customer satisfaction and successful business operations.


To view all the orders, you have received

  1. Sign into your MyMahotsav account (https://mymahotsav.com/).
  2. Access your Vendor dashboard from:
    • Option 1: On the member dashboard's 3rd row, click on Vendor Dashboard.
    • Option 2: The profile dropdown menu, select My Marketplace Vendor Dashboard. 


    • Option 3: On Left hand side of the page, from the slider panel, click on the arrow near My Marketplace and then click on Vendor Dashboard
  3. Once the vendor dashboard open, click on Orders 
  4. Here, you can view all the orders you have received. 

Setting shipping status and updating the same for an order

  1. Click on the eye icon next to order number or just click on the order number to open the order's page. 
  2. Click on Create New Shipment. 
  3. Select the shipping status from the dropdown list. 
  4. Next, Select the shipping provider from the dropdown list.
  5.  Set the date the product was shipped and enter the tracking number. If you want to add any comments, add them near the 'Comments' field. Check the box near 'Notify shipment details to customer' so that the customer receives a notification that you have updated the shipping details. 
  6. Once done, click on Create Shipment.

Setting Order Details

  1. Under General details, near Order Status, click on Edit.

  2. Choose the status from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Once selected, click on Update. 
  4. Any changes you make on this page will be recorded in the Order Notes. This will be below the General Details.

Adding Order Notes

  1. You can manually add order notes if you want. You can choose whether it is a private note or note to the customer. 
  2. Once you choose which type of note, enter the note in the text field, then click on Add Note.

Marking an Order as complete

  1. To mark an order as complete, just click on the Check mark icon next to the order number.

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