How to list a temple on MyMahotsav?

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If you own or manage a temple, you have the opportunity to showcase it on MyMahotsav, allowing people to discover and obtain detailed information about your temple.


Listing a temple on MyMahotsav

  1. Sign into your MyMahotsav account ( You'll be redirected to your member dashboard.
  2. From the profile drop down menu select, My Listings > Add Temple.   
  3. You can import an event from social URLs like Facebook, Yelp, etc. or also from Google My Business.                                                                                    
  4. If you prefer to enter the information manually, you have the option to do so. 
  5. There are six sections to fill.
    • Package
    • Title
    • Location
    • Contact
    • Linked Details
    • Leadership

Package section

  1. Select the desired package. Note: Packages are subject to change and the below picture might not be accurate to the packages available. 
  2. If your temple has branches, check the Yes option near 'Has Branches'. 
  3. Click on the text field and choose the fields you want to lock from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Once done, click on Next.

Title section

  1. Enter the Temple's name.  
  2. Add categories which the temple falls under. You can choose from the drop-down menu. 
  3. If you choose multiple categories, you can choose which category you want to add a default category. 
  4. You can add tags by entering them in the text field and clicking on enter key or you can choose the popular tags from the drop-down menu. 
  5. Click on the text field near foundation/formation to choose the foundation day of the temple. 
  6. Enter the description for the Temple and also you can choose to enter about the architecture of the temple. 
  7. If the temple has any History and Legends, you can enter them too for the members to see. 
  8. For Religious Beliefs, Significant Deity and other Deities, click on the text box next to them to access a drop-down menu and then select the detail you want. 
  9. Enter the details of the significant Deity's details. 
  10.  You can enter the details of the Special Rituals and Major festivals linked to the Deity. Click on Next to move on to the next section.

Location section

  1. Enter your Address, Country, Region, City and postcode.
  2. You can set your current location as the address by clicking on the arrow icon near the address field. 
  3. Click on Set Address on Map to move the pointer on the map to set your location details. 
  4.  The location details get updated the moment the pointer is moved on the map.  
  5. You can add additional helpful details like closest bus or subway stations closest to the temple etc. Enter these details in the How to Reach field. Once done, click on Next.

Contact Section

Contact Details

  1. Here you can enter your contact and social media details for members to see and connect. 
  2.  You can also add temple opening hours. Click on the 'Yes' option to add.
  3. By default, weekends are considered as closed. If you work on weekends, click on '+icon to set timings. If you are open at a particular timeslot and closed at some, you can click on '+' icon to add additional timings for a particular day. If you are closed on a particular day, you can click on the '-' icon to set the day as closed. If you're open on a particular day, click on the '+' icon to set the timings. If your shop is open 24 hours, click on the checkbox next to each day to set it open for 24 hours. 

Media and Images

  1. First you can upload the Logo and Images of the temple. 
  2. You can also add videos and documents.

Other details

  1. Here you can add details like the Temple rules and Guidelines, Earliest entry time, cost of entry and donation, Temple status, temple area and Amenities. Once done, click on Next to move to the next section.

Linked Details

  1. You are allowed to link related Temples, Organisations, Products, Services, FundRaising Campaigns etc, to your temple profile. This will help your visitors to get all other related information in one place. You can search for the details you want to link by entering minimum two characters for our website to give suggestions corresponding to the detail you want to link. 
  2. If you are part of the legal responsible management team of the Temple, you can check the box near 'Are the details entered/edited by a Trustee / Legally responsible for the Temple management?' to mark this listing as claimed. Once done, click on Next.

Leadership Section

  1. You can add people who are a part of the temple management team in this section. Select the role from the drop-down list. If the person is a member on MyMahotsav, you can search for them in the Member field to link them to the listing. Finally, you can enter the start date of the member as a part of the temple management. 
  2. You can add more temple management team members by clicking on Add More Members. 
  3. Once done, click on Submit Listing.

After you submit the listing, one of MyMahotsav's admins will check and approve your listing. Once approved, the temple listing will appear in the Temples directory. 

You can check the status of your temple listing by:

  1. You can access your Organization listings page by:
    • From your profile drop-down menu, click on My Listings > Edit my Listings. 
    • From the slider panel on the left-hand side of the webpage, click on the arrow near My Listings then click on Edit My Listings. 
  2. This will open your Organization listings. Click on Temples. 
  3. Here you can see the status of the listing. If the status is 'Awaiting review' means that the admin is yet to approve the listing. If the status is Published, it means your listing has been approved.

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