How to connect and interact with members on MyMahotsav platform?

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MyMahotsav is a vibrant social site for sharing your love for spirituality and religion. Here, you can easily connect and interact with like-minded members who share the same ideals as you do. Embrace the positivity and wisdom of our community as you engage in discussions.

How to connect with members:

  1. Sign into your MyMahotsav account (
  2. On the navigation bar, select Social > Members.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  3. Near the member you want to connect with, click on the Add member icon to add them to your connections.                                                                    
  4. Once you have requested to connect with that member, they will then receive a notification giving them the option to accept or decline.


How to follow members:


Following is an alternative to connecting that creates a one-way link. It allows you (as the follower) to view another member’s posts without having to connect with them. The sharing only moves in one direction; the individual you are following does not see your content.


  1.  Follow the previously mentioned Step 1 and Step 2, and then click on the Follow button. 
  2. Once you have selected to follow the member their posts will be automatically visible on your activity feed.


How to privately message to members you've not connected with:

Sending a message is a quick way to interact with other members, and this type of communication results in the transmission of a message only the recipient can read.


  1. Follow step 1 and 2 for the How to connect with members and then click on the Message icon.   
  2. Once you have selected to message the member, they will then receive a message notification and you can continue to interact with each other privately.


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